10 Awesome Types of Content That Drives More Traffic Into Your Blog

10 Awesome Types of Content That Drives More Traffic Into Your Blog

In order to make your blog successful, no matter what type of blog it may be, you need to have fresh, updated content in order to divert traffic to it. It can be hard to attract such an audience, especially if your blog is new and just starting out. But there are ways to get around this. You don’t necessarily have to go crazy and try out all of these content ideas in order to drive traffic into your blog, however at the same time, don’t be afraid to try something new if you think it could work.

If you use a content marketing schedule, you’re more likely to post new content regularly, instead of trying something new on the off chance, and never doing it again. It’s important to keep traffic driven into your blog once it’s already been there once. Remember that this list isn’t exclusive either – if you have an idea of your own, by all means try it out! But here are ten awesome content ideas that you can try out in your blog.

1.) Memes

Everyone who is on the Internet will know what a meme is. They’re funny, relatable, and most importantly, viral. With so many meme creators out there, it’s easy for anyone to make one for their own purposes – you can adapt your own for your blog’s advantages. It can instantly give you blog some comedy and personality, and they can be shared via any social media platform.

2.) User-generated content

This immediately allows you to interact with your audience, as your blog or article or post, is based on your users’ content. This can be done in the form of an embedded tweet, which are easy to include in any aspect of your blog, and almost gives your blog some promotion, especially if the users are saying something good about you! Or the content can be something more artistic, be it an image or video. They could be writing a compelling copy of something. Or you could lure your users in with a contest, with the winner being featured on your blog. Whichever way you choose to do it, make sure you include something that’s user-generated.

3.) Videos

This is an obvious one, as videos are much more interesting and entertaining to watch, rather than simply looking at a few images and some text put together. Whatever video it is you want to use, you can find something that is relevant to your blog. You can also either use your own video, or link to somebody else’s YouTube video (as long as you give them credit). A good video will convey your blog’s message in a visually memorable way, which allows you to communicate better with your audience.

4.) Cartoons/Comics

Similar to memes, either a cartoon or comic will add some humour to your blog, which people like to see – it will interest users so much more than a picture of something in real life trying to be funny (unless it’s animals, in which case we’ll let you off). Even better if you can make the cartoon or comic relatable, as users will share them on social media to show their friends this “funny and relatable content”. Thus your content will circulate quickly among your audience, and will divert them straight back to the source of the picture, which is your blog.

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These 5 Types of Ghostwriters Prove Their Supremacy

These 5 Types of Ghostwriters Prove Their Supremacy

With the modern world forever changing, we need to be able to communicate with each other and interpret information as best as we can. Ghostwriters are people who can do just that, as they have a wide variety of skills both professionally and creatively. Different ghostwriters will have different techniques, writing styles, and skill levels. It’s important to consider all of these things if you are looking to hire one, as well as the type of ghostwriter too. Here are five ghostwriters that prove their supremacy.

1.) Fiction

While you might have a great story idea, you might not be that good at writing in down and turning it into a readable story. This is where fiction ghostwriters come in. An author can turn their novel idea into something that is professional enough to be published. Fiction covers a large variety of writing; you could hire a ghostwriter to write a novel, poem, screenplay, script, or more.

2.) Blogging

A lot of online blogs are based on personal opinion, so it makes sense for the authors to write it themselves. However many other blogs are there to sell or promote something, or have specific marketing objectives. It is therefore important for blogs to post engaging content which will direct traffic to the blog, which you may need a ghostwriter for. The right users will visit the blog upon successful content, which can sometimes only be achieved through a ghostwriter’s skills.

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How to Craft Compelling Copy that Converts your Readers Instantaneously

How to Craft Compelling Copy that Converts your Readers Instantaneously

While some blogs are created for sharing personal opinions, others are created to promote items or SEO or brand awareness. There are ways to convert readers through compelling content, which will then eventually lead to sales or recognition. It’s not just about the writing however, but more the psychology of your content. You have to provoke something inside the readers that they can relate to – writing is only a way to convey that. Here are some ways to convert your readers.

Use emotion to motivate

The final goal here is to create some sort of desire among the readers – you don’t want to evoke any old emotions. Some strategies may spark this desire more than others:

  • A fear of ‘missing out’ – fear is a great motivator. Nobody wants to miss out on an opportunity. Fear is a viscous cycle that leads to curiosity. What will they miss out on? Curiosity leads back to desire.
  • Peer pressure – In a world so dominated by society and trends, a powerful marketing force is knowing that your friends and family are experiencing or liking the same things as you. What if they’re doing something that you aren’t?
  • Self-improvement – try telling the reader something they don’t know. People want to be the best they can be at the end of the day.

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How Green Does My Garden Grow?

How Green Does My Garden GrowThey say that gardening is one man’s pleasure and another man’s agony. There’s a lot of truth in that, but I guess it depends on what angle you look at it from. If you have moved into a new house and you need to start a garden from scratch, be prepared for some agony. If the house into which you have moved already has an established garden, you are going to experience moments of sheer pleasure.

When I recently moved into a new house with my family, it already had an established garden. I had a lot of time on my hands, and after a bit of imagining and planning, I started on the journey of making my garden my own little paradise. There was already plenty of lawn and some established flower beds which were planted into two elevated wall sections. In addition to the gardens, my new house came with a wonderful, large working shed. While I had already gathered together a rather good collection of handyman tools, I knew I would need even more for some of the projects I had in mind.

In the previous house I lived in there had been no lawn, so one of my first purchases was a lawnmower. My next purchase was a weed eater, sometimes referred to as a whipper snipper. To trim the longer pieces of grass and other unruly growth that always tucked up against a fence or a wall you needed a weed eater to be able to garden effectively. There are a couple of different types you can purchase, one being an electric model and the other being motor driven. If you have some consideration for your neighbours, then the electric model was the way to go. However, for tough jobs, you couldn’t go past a motor driven weed eater.

The other plans I had involved planting lots of different flowers of many varieties into the existing beds. So I made a trip to the local nursery and set up my shed with all the gardening lighting and fertilisers that I needed to make the seedlings grow to a size that could be planted. I had all the flowers laid out on the benches and just gave Mother Nature a bit of a nudge to get things happening a little more quickly. There was lots of work yet to be done to clear all the garden beds, plant new lawn, and construct new garden pathways. These were all the essential things I had planned to make reasonably cheap cosmetic changes to the garden.

Some of my more grandiose plans included extending the rear patio, putting in some fishponds, and to break up the size of the rear garden, I would be constructing a gazebo. Did you know that beautiful gardens surrounding a home add about $25,000 to the value of your property? Think about it! With just a bit of hard work and very little money to outlay, you can add significant value to your house as well as make it a wonderfully comfortable place to enjoy the outdoors.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving in Night

Advantages and Disadvantages of Driving in NightNot many like to drive in the dark. I’ve seen many of my friends avoid driving in night as much as they can. But I for one love night driving. Moving through the dark night with just the music for your company is a wonderfully exhilarating and at the same time soothing experience that I would not miss on any account.  But since not everyone feels as I do, I decided to list the merits and drawbacks of night driving.


It is great pleasure and fun to drive during nighttime. The environment is peaceful and with very few vehicles on the road unlike the daytime heavy traffic. With fewer distractions, driving is easier. Even if it is dark, you can still enjoy the twinkling stars, the glowing moon, waterfalls, tranquil lakes, wild animals, springs, and rivers, while you drive. And speed is not an issue, so you can easily reach your top speed without being hindered by other vehicles.

And When you stop to fill gas, eat or use a restroom you will not be facing long queues. Your midway stops will be completed efficiently and in far less time making you reach your destination faster than if you take the journey during daytime.


In spite of the various advantages, I mentioned above, nighttime driving is still considered a dangerous one by most people. It is not only filled with many disadvantages but has some serious perils too. In the first place, the visibility of the driver is impaired at night. This is not a big drawback for me, as I have an excellent LED bar I bought at http://lightbarreport.com/. If your travel is through a jungle, you can inadvertently kill wild animals in your path. The wild animals are distressed by the din created by the vehicles. And since we assume the road is clear at night, we drive faster which can attract fatal accidents too. So driving at dark is not easy as we assume. It needs more careful driving and patience. If you lack the patience and safe driving skills, your journey can very well end in disasters and failures.

And when you drive at top speeds, you can be easily spotted by the traffic police and end up getting a speeding ticket and paying for your speed driving dearly.  While as I said earlier you can shorten your time at the stops, it also has an obvious drawback. Many of the stops are closed for the night. You will have to ensure that you time them, so you are at stops that are open through the night and plan your trip accordingly.

And even with the most advanced tech gadgets, it is easier to get lost at night. You will miss many of the street signs and have to take twice as much time as you would during a daytime journey. And curiously   but fittingly, according to my friends, driving in dark is often compared to our life where we move on without clear perspective. Without the proper guidance and advice, which is compared to daylight, it is not possible to prosper in life. At nighttime, we have to go through indefinite modes and curves, which are compared to obstacles we face in life.

The blissful loneliness of the long-distance writer

Re-read the About Page and some of the recent posts here and you will get another feel for the website’s overriding theme and the personality of its author. The title of this post is also paraphrased from the original title of a novel written by Allan Sillitoe, a fellow Briton who the author remembers well from his youth. That being said, both author here and famous writer then may agree that the life of the writer, whether a professional commercial producer or writer of published fiction, can be a solitary one. But this author has also shown that the solitary label does not always apply.

Sneakers are still worn by rebels

None of the listed pairs of shoes published by Nicer Shoes were worn by Sillitoe’s protagonist in his famous novel, The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. This stubborn character, a throwback from the nineteen sixties at least, only had the benefit of what blue collar Britons and royal blue social elites of the time would have referred to as crisply painted white sandshoes. Today, most Americans will still be referring to them as sneakers.

The rebel without a cause could just as easily have crossed the countryside, as he reluctantly did in a foot race in the story, in his bare feet. Sillitoe narrates that this man, punished for petty crime, unwittingly discovered that he had a talent that he never knew about before. It wasn’t so much the physical stamina required to easily win a cross-country race but more to do with the emotional staying power and psychological stamina that most writers need to draw on to sit down and complete a satisfactory body of work, whether for financial gain or for sheer aesthetic pleasure.

Life’s lessons and art for art’s sake

Perhaps more than these, the writer, writing solidly and in solitude at his writing table, is striving to produce something magnificent purely for art’s sake. This is certainly something that British author Allan Sillitoe went on to achieve when he penned his The Loneliness of the Long Distance Runner. Perhaps at some stage during his story crafting, he was harking back to personal experiences of solitude, neither good nor bad. Ultimately, the story resonates as a moral tale. Inevitably, as the case was, life’s lessons are invariably quite harsh.

The joys and pains, the agonies and ecstasies of running and competing serve as apt metaphors for the solitary, or not, lives and times of writers. And it is left up to readers to decide whether the talented prisoner of the story ever learnt his lesson. But even if his gaol had the privileged access of the internet, Sillitoe’s rebellious and obtuse character would never have visited this website anyway.

The point of this post’s story line can be summed up as follows. Whether by necessity or choice, solitude, for those who may squirm at the notion, is not all bad. In fact, those moments when the craftsman is alone can be quite blissful.

Quiet Please!

Quiet PleaseThe neighborhood I lived in was as close to being toxic as you can imagine. By ‘toxic’ I am not talking about an apartment next to Chernobyl. The problem was to do with noise. My apartment consisted of 3 rooms, made up of a living room and the kitchen stuck at one end, a bedroom and the bathroom/toilet area. It was on the 2nd floor of a building of 10 storeys. The problem was the echo effect. This happens when you have three or four high-rises in a cluster and noise from the street reverberates in the enclosed space, gets a volume increase from the general architecture and Boom! Apartments are full of noise.

Firstly, there were the horns. Having lived in China, I thought I had heard more horns there in a day than I have heard in 10 years in any other country. For some reason, drivers in China drive with two hands on the wheel, as they should, but one hand is palm down on the horn. Maybe the car doesn’t move forward unless you blow your horn.

Then there is the general noise from the street. People walking and talking and arguing and singing, dogs barking, and it all seems to explode from the pavement and infiltrate every apartment. Maybe the 10th floor doesn’t hear anything, but on floor number 2, it’s a cacophony.

There are 4 apartment blocks, two of 10 storeys and 2 of 12 storeys. If I were to estimate the number of people that lived there, it would be about 1200. Of that amount of people, there were an inordinate number of musicians. I played the high quality digital piano, and there were 2 more pianists in other buildings – one digital and the other conventional. There was a trumpet player, two saxophonists, 6 guitarists, 4 of which were electric, 2 drummers, a trombone and a couple of clarinets. How do I know that’ Because I could hear them? If we all got together, we could form a sort of group. The Valiant Street Vandals maybe, or something like that.

We all had to practice or jam and in the summer, or warm days in general, it was always in windows open mode. If people were walking on the street in the summer time and we were all practising at the same time, I’m sure all the residents would complain or move out. And move out I did! Yep, in the end, it was far too many deafening decibels at war with my ear drums. Before I moved, I checked out what type of headphones were suitable for my piano.

I am now in my new neighborhood. There are no multi-storey buildings. I found lodging with a family that had a basement style apartment to rent. I play to my heart’s content with my headphones plugged into my digital piano, and nobody knows what noise or sweet music I am making except me. Happy!